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Department of Computer Science 4
Distributed Systems and Operating Systems

System Software Group


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Both our group's research and our lectures target several areas of computing systems and software engineering as well as their intersections in the following aspects:

In organizational respects, the group incorporates the Chair in Distributed Systems and Operating Systems in the Computer Science Department of the School of Engineering at FAU. About two-thirds of the group's staff is supported through third-party funds, mainly by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Furthermore, we maintain research cooperations and ongoing projects with engineering industry such as Siemens Automation & Drive, Siemens Corporate Technology, and Elektrobit, amongst others.

The group is headed by Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat and additionally comprises 4 assistant professors, 27 postgraduates (scientific staff), 4 staff members, and 12 research students, currently (see People at CS 4).

Recent Activity